Puppy Love – Massillon, Ohio Pet Photography

I won’t lie, I love me some animals. I have worked at Aquadale Veterinary Clinic for the past 10 years as a nurse, and I have seen the cutest, meanest, silliest, and sweetest animals in that time. I am a dog person by nature and I always have been, but please I beg you – don’t tell my cats that. They are clueless. Yes – I, like many a veterinary clinic employee have my own menagerie of pets. Two dogs, and two cats to be precise. All of my animals are not what you would consider young.

My youngest is my cat Persephone, and she is already 7. Man, where does the time go?? It seems like just yesterday she was that little ball of curly fluff sitting in a cage at Aquadale, given up by her family because she was sick with a parasite. What I wouldn’t give to have a photo of her at 12 weeks old when I first met her and fell in love with her.

My oldest is Watson, and this July he will be 14 years old. I have taken a handful of blurry, disposable camera shots of him over the years but I don’t have a single decent photo of him under 12 years of age. Why? Because that is when I picked up photography. I look back and wish that I had a really nice picture of him from when he weighed 2 pounds and fit into one of my rather small hands.

I have taken to attempting to photograph the new puppies and kittens that I see at Aquadale. Even if it’s just 2 minutes taken during the busy appointment hours to sit a puppy on the counter and take a quick shot. Who knows that the puppy is sitting next to the sink and the canisters of cotton balls, tongue depressors and cotton swabs? All people see is their adorable puppy that they love, and now they will have an image of that family member that they can always look back on, and remember just how darn cute they’re dog was when they were 8 weeks old and tiny. That makes me feel good, knowing I can give these people what I desperately wish I had, it helps to fill that hole somewhat.

When I first started into this endeavor all I had were my dogs to practice on. They endured day after day of me shoving a camera in their faces, and I am thankful they did. It has given me a love of pet photography that I will always keep, even as I moved on into shooting people, and couples and in the future – weddings. I will always have a love for pet photography because it holds such a deep meaning for me. Now I shoot all the pics I can of my dogs and cats. As I know all too well they aren’t going to live forever. As the owner of a geriatric dog I can speak from experience, get those images while you can. Before you know it, it could be too late.

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